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Building new ideas, stronger teams, and better cultures with dynamic collaboration

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Data Sharing Tools
Composable Insights
Dynamic Socialization
Enhanced Transparency
Centralized Updates

Connecting people and ideas from every team, every specialty, and every level of the company.

BI Analysts & Data Scientists

Atlas presents BI professionals with robust and efficient methods to process, analyze, visualize, and disseminate data.

  • Turn insights into conversations that impact business decisions

  • Generate conversations where data and insights live

Marketing & Sales

Atlas provides deeper understanding of customers and markets, optimizes strategies, and improves overall performance.

  • Get access to curated dashboards that prioritize valuable insights

  • Ask data questions and get the answers fast—right in Atlas

Leadership & Management

Atlas gives executive leadership the tools to make data-based decisions and improve operational efficiency—driving better outcomes.

  • Build strong data culture with tools that take insights to the next level

  • Manage by exception: stay notified of topics and trends that matter most

ATLAS = Data(Power)²

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